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We wanted to deliver all of the time-saving benefits of the Rad Ajax Manager at design-time while relying on ASP. Needless to say, the Rad Ajax product that exists now does exactly that. NET AJAX and delivers all of the power of the Microsoft framework through Telerik's award winning tools.But the new Rad Ajax does more than change the underlying technology handling the Ajax "magic"; it also makes your Ajax configuration easier than ever. NET AJAX, the task of defining Ajax settings in site's that utilized Master Pages and User Controls (read: almost all sites) was...a bit of a challenge.Telerik developed a full Ajax framework that made it very easy to implement Ajax in ASP.NET applications, the cornerstone of which was the Rad Ajax Manager control. NET AJAX, though, we decided to leverage Microsoft's framework in our Rad Ajax product.For those who have not yet delved into Visual Web parts, this link will take you to MSDN for a quick jump start: of the advantages of using custom web parts and ASPX applications is the ability to integrate data & functionality from outside systems, such as ERP applications, into the Share Point environment.Users can view live orders, inventory data, or other mission critical information and even make updates without ever leaving the portal.

All of this greatly simplifies and expedites the development of custom enhancements to a Share Point application and is no doubt Microsoft’s response to the fact that the number of Share Point developers continues to grow, as does the number of Share Point implementations.

Share Point 2010 introduced a quantum leap forward with the introduction of Visual Web Parts development integration with Visual Studio 2010.

Most developers that have worked with Share Point for any length of time are familiar with hosting custom ASPX pages inside Share Point web parts.

The default height of the div without styling is approximately the height of a line of text and the grid is crushed accordingly. As long as the height of every container, from the Rad Grid on up to the HTML tag, is at 100%, its all good.

There should be no change in the display height, but the Rad Grid is crushed again. ” Rad Ajax Manager automatically generates a div around the AJAX-enabled controls.