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TA Report Header Description PAAH SAPMP500 Call Ad-Hoc Query PACA SAPMPACA PF Administration PACB SAPMPACB PF account maintenance PACC SAPMPACC PF debugger PACE SAPMPACE Pension fund : Postings PACEN SAPMPACO New posting maintenance PACG SAPMESSREP HR-CH-PF ESS-Online Simulation PACK MENUPACK HR-CH: Pension fund PACN SAPMSNUM Number range maint. SMW0 SAPMWWW0 SAP Web Repository SMX SAPLBTCH Display Own Jobs SM01 SAPMTSTC Lock Transactions SM02 SAPMSEM1 System Messages SM04 RSM04000_ALV User List SM12 RSENQRR2 Display and Delete Locks SM13 SAPMSM13 Administrate Update Records SM13T SAPMSM13 Administrate Update Records SM14 SAPMSM14 Update Program Administration SM18 RSAUPURG Reorganize Security Audit Log SM19 SAPMSM19 Security Audit Configuration SM20 SAPMSM20 Security Audit Log Assessment SM20N SAPMSM20 Analysis of Security Audit Log SM21 SAPMSM21 Online System Log Analysis SM28 RSICC000 Installation Check SM29 SAPMSM29 Model Transfer for Tables SM30 SAPMSVMA Call View Maintenance SM31 SAPMSVMA Call View Maintenance Like SM30 SM32 SAPMSTBM Maintain Table Parameter ID TAB SM33 SAPMSTBM Display Table Parameter ID TAB SM34 SAPMSVMA Viewcluster Maintenance Call SM35 SAPMSBDC_CC Batch Input Monitoring SM35P RSBDC_PROTOCOL Batch Input: Log Monitoring SM36 SAPLBTCH Schedule Background Job SM37 SAPLBTCH Overview of job selection SM37B SAPLBTCH Simple version of job selection SM37C SAPLBTCH Flexible version of job selection SM38 SAPMSQIO Queue Maintenance Transaction SM39 SAPBTCPE Job Analysis SM49 RSLOGCOM Execute external OS commands SM50 RSMON000_ALV Work Process Overview SM51 RSM51000_ALV List of SAP Systems SM54 RSM54000 TXCOM Maintenance SM55 RSM55000 THOST Maintenance SM56 RSM56000 Number Range Buffer SM58 RSARFCRD Asynchronous RFC Error Log SM580 RBDSTARTSM58 Transaction for Drag & Relate SM59 RSRFCRFC RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain) SM61 SAPLCOBJ Backgroup control objects monitor SM61B SAPLCOBJ New control object management SM62 SAPLBTCH SM63 SAPLSOMS Display/Maintain Operating Mode Set SM64 SAPLBTCH Trigger an Event SM65 SAPLSBPT Background Processing Analysis Tool SM66 SAPMSM66 Systemwide Work Process Overview SM69 RSLOGCOM Maintain External OS Commands SNC0 SAPL0SEC SNC Access Control List: Systems SNC1 RSUSR300 Generate SNC name for user SNC2 RSUSR402 Export SNC name of user SNC3 RSSNC40A User initial control list 3.1-4.0 SNC4 RSSNCCHK Check canonical SNC names SNLS SAPMSNL1 Display NLS (character set; lang.) SNL1 SAPMSNL1 Display NLS (character set; lang.) SNL2 SAPMSNL1 Set NLS (character set; language... SNOTE SCWN_ENTRY_TREENote Assistant SNRO SAPMSNRO Number Range Objects SNUM SAPMSNUM Number Range Driver SOA MENUSOA SAP Archive Link SOAACT ACE_SOP_PERIODIActual Calculation of Provisions SOAAD ACEPSCALLBKEDR ACE Account Assignment SOAD SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: External Addresses SOAIMG ACE_SOP_IMG IMG for Stock Option Accounting SOASIM ACE_SOP_PERIODISimulation of Provisions SOBJ SAPMTOBJ Maintenance Object Attributes SOBN01 RSUSR002_ADDRESPersonal data SOBT SAPMTOBJ Maintenance Object Attributes SOCP SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: External Addresses SODS RSSODS SAPoffice: LDAP Browser SOEX SAPLSO02 Express Message SOFF MENUSOFF SAPoffice: Area Menu SOHI MSGOSHIST Object History SOLMAP SAPLSF30 Maintain Solution Maps SOSB RSSOSOSTSTAT Send Order Overview (User) SOSG RSSOSOSTSTAT Send Request Overview (Groups) SOST RSSOSOSTSTAT Overview transmission requests SOSV RSSOSOSTSTAT SAPconnect Send Requests SOTR RSSOAPIR Test transaction for API1 (received SOYA RSSOCHOW SAPoffice: Change folder owner SOY1 RSSOUSED SAPoffice: Mass Maint. Layout Set TELEX SO50 BCS_IBND_MAINT Rules for inbound distribution SO52 RSSOUADD Deletes Address from User Master SO55 RSSOUSCO User consistency check SO60 RSDOCH01 Call R/3 Help Library SO70 SAPLDSYH Hypertext: Display/Maint. SURVEY UWS_SURVEY_SELESurvey Cockpit SUUM SAPMSUM Global User Manager SUUMD SAPMSUMD Display User Administration SU01 SAPMSUU0 User Maintenance SU01D SAPMSUU0D User Display SU02 SAPMS01C Maintain Authorization Profiles SU03 SAPMS01C Maintain Authorizations SU05 SAPMS05W Maintain Internet Users SU10 SAPMSUU0M User Mass Maintenance SU20 SAPMSU20 Maintain Authorization Fields SU21 SAPMS01E Maintain Authorization Objects SU22 SAPMS920 Auth. SU86 RUSH10RD Read Profile Change Documents SU87 RUSH12RD Read Authorization Change Documents SVGM RSVGMODL SAP R/3 Procedure Model SVGS RSVGMOD2 View for activity in Procedure Mode SWB3 SAPLSWB3 Maintain Start Conditions SWB4 SAPLSWB3 Display Start Conditions SWDA RSWDSTRTA Alphanumeric Workflow Builder SWDB RSWDBUILD Create workflow SWDD RSWDSTRT Workflow Builder SWDI RSWDSTRTC Workflow Builder (Selection) SWDM RSWDEXP1 Business Workflow Explorer SWDN SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.: SWD_WDID SWDP RSWDPROTOCOL Show Graphical Workflow Log SWDS RSWDSTRTS Workflow Builder (Selection) SWEAD RSWEQADMIN Event Queue Administration SWEL RSWFEVTLOG Display Event Trace SWELS RSWELSWITCH Switch Event Trace On/Off SWEM RSWELCFG2 Configure Event Trace SWE3 RSWEINST Display Instance Linkages SWE4 RSWELOGA Status Change Event Trace SWE5 RSWECONSCOUP Checks for Event Linkages SWFC RSWF_CST_AUTOCUAutomatic Workflow Customizing SWF3 RSWFWIZ4 Workflow Wizard Explorer SWF4 RSWFWIZ5 Workflow Wizard Repository SWIA RSWIWILS WI Administration Report SWIE RSWIENABLEEXE Unlock Work Item SWI1 RSWIWILS Selection report for workflows SWI11 RSWIUSAG_NEW Where-Used List for Tasks SWI13 RSWIEXEC Task Profile SWI14 SAPLSWI2 Workflows for Object Type SWI3 RSWIOUTB Workflow Outbox SWI30 RSWIENABLEEXE Unlock Workflows SWI5 RSWILOAD Workload Analysis SWI6 SAPLSWI2 Workflows for Object SWJ1 RSWJ_PPF_PCOND Browser for Planning Conditions SWLC RHWFOTSK Check Tasks for Agents SWLD MENUSWLD Workbench for Workflow 4.0 SWLP RHWFCOPL Copy a Plan Version SWO1 SAPLSWOO Business Object Builder SWO2 SWO_BOR_BROWSERBOR Browser SWO3 SWO_BOR_BROWSERBusiness Object Builder SWO4 SWO_BOR_BROWSERBusiness Object Repository SWPA SAPLSWPA Runtime System Customizing SWPC RSWP_CONTINUE_WWFM: Continue Workflow SWPR RSWP_RESTART_WOWFM: Restart Workflow SWRK WB_INACTIVE_OBJAdministrtation using work areas SWRP SAPMSWRP Dummy for IAC Workflow Status SWT0 RSWTTR03 Configure workflow trace SWUA RSWUDI09 Start Verification Workflow SWUC RSWUCU01 Customizing decision task SWUD RSWUDI00 Workflow Diagnosis SWUE SAPLSWUS Trigger an event SWUG SAPLSWU5 Generate Workflow Start Transaction SWUR RSWUSETT Send mails for work items SWUS SAPLSWUS Test Workflow SWUT SAPLSWU7 Namespace for Form Transactions SWUU RSWUSFDG SAPforms: Diagnosis SWUV RSWUWFML Send R3F Messages Once SWUW SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.: SWW_WIID SWUX MENUSWUX SAPforms Administration SWUY RSWUMMES Workflow-Message Linkage SWU0 RSWUESIM Simulate event SWU1 RSWUDI08 User RFC Monitor SWU10 RSWTTR02 Delete Workflow Trace Files SWU2 RSWUDI07 Workflow RFC Monitor SWU4 RSWUDI02 Consistency Test for Standard Task SWU5 RSWUDI03 Consistency Test for Customer Task SWU6 RSWUDI04 Consistency Test for Workflow Task SWU7 RSWUDI05 Consistency Test for Workflow Templ SWU8 RSWTTR04 Workflow Trace: On/Off SWU9 RSWTTR06 Display Workflow Trace SWWA RSWWDHIN Maintain WI Deadline Monitoring SWWB RSWWDHEX_INSERTSchedule WI Deadline Monitoring SWWD RSWWERIN Maintain Work Item Error Monitoring SWWH RSWWHIDE WIM: Delete Work Item History SWWL RSWWWIDE WIM: Delete Work Item SWXF SWXFORMS DEMO: Create Notification of Absenc SWXFTB SWXFORMS_TB DEMO: Notif. Table TBLW1 RFTBLRSM Review: Send TBLW2 RFTBLCHR Review: Change Review Recipient TBL1 RFTBLV01 Limits: Change/Display TBL10 RFTBLD03 Treasury: Delete Limits TBL2 RFTBLR02 Limits: Change Documents TBL3 RFTBLL01 Limits: Overview TBL4 RFTBLE01 Limit Utilization: Overview TBL6 RFTBLD01 Limit Utilization: Delete TBL7 RFTBLD02 Limit Type: Delete Data TBL8 RFTBREOP Reorganize STC Logs TBL9 RFTBLP01 Display STC Logs TBMN MENUTBMN Currency Hedges TBM1 RFTBMA00 Treasury: Create Mast. Transctions TJ11 RFTBTIS2 Display Single Transaction TJ12 RFTBCF00 Journal: Transactions w.for accounts PACO SAPMPACO Account/Posting maintenance PF PACP SAPMPACP Pension Fund; Interface PACS RPLPKBC0 Applicant Evaluation PF PACT SAPMPACT PC parameter maintenance PAC0 SAPMPAC0 PC Editor: Initial screen PAC5 SAPMP50A Maintain HR Master Data PAEP1 RAFWGO_UPLOAD_PProcedure for Single Records: PA PAEP2 RAFWGO_FRP_PA Procedure for Final Results: PA PAJP SAPMPAJP Call Reporting Tree - Japan PAKG SAPMPAKY Adjustments workbench PAKY SAPMPAKY Adjustments Workbench (excl. Users SOY2 RSSOSTAT SAPoffice: Statistics data collect. Structure SO71 SAPLDSYH Test plan management SO72 SAPMSDCU Maintain Hypertext Module SO73 SAPLDSYS Import graphic into SAPfind SO75 RSDOCH01 Getting Started with the R/3 System SO80 RSTBOE06 SAPfind: Free Text Retrieval Dialog SO81 RSTGRE13 SAPfind: Free Text Indexing (Test) SO82 RSTBOE05 SAPfind: Free Text Retrieval Batch SO85 RSTBOE01 SAPfind: txt_seq_search SO86 RSTBOE02 SAPfind: Txt_seq_search_1 SO90 RSTSHSRV SAPfind: shell folders service prog SO91 RSSHSOMI SAPfind SO: SAPoffice Marketing Inf SO95 RSSHCLAS Pregenerated Search Queries - Selec SO99 RSSHRELN Put Information System SPAD SAPMSPAD Spool Administration SPAK PACKAGE_BUILDERPackage Builder SPAM SAPMSPAM Support Package Manager SPAR SAPLSDB8 Determine storage parameters SPAT SAPMSPAD Spool Administration (Test) SPAU RSUMOD04 Display Modified DE Objects SPBM SAPLSPBT Monitoring parallel background task SPBT SAPLSPBT Test: Parallel background tasks SPCC RSPO0043 Spool consistency check SPDD RSUMOD02 Display Modified DDIC Objects SPEC01 SAPMCH01 Specification system: Edit template SPEC02 SAPMCH01 Specification system: Edit datashee SPHA SAPLPHOA Telephony administration SPHB SAPLPHOB SAPphone: System Administration SPHD RSPHSPHD SAPphone: Own telephone number SPHS RSPHSOFT SAPphone: Interface for Telephone SPHT SAPLPHOH SAPphone Test Environment SPHW RSPHITS1 Initiate Call in Web Applications SPH4 RSPHGCTI Activ./deactiv. of Absence Toolbox SWXML RSWXML_FIND XML Document Selection SXDA DXADMIN Data Transfer Workbench SXDB DXADMIN Data Transfer Workbench SYNT SAPMSYNT Display Syntax Trace Output SYST MENUSYST S00 RSSOSO00 Short Message S000 MENUS000 System Menu S001 MENUS001 S002 MENUS002 Menu Administration T_I2 RV15F001 Reorganize condition indexes T_LA SAPMV14A Create Pricing Report T_LB SAPMV14A Change pricing report T_LC SAPMV14A Display pricing report T_LD SAPMV14A Execute pricing report T_03 SAPMV12A Create (shipment costs) T_04 SAPMV12A Cond Tab: Change (shipment costs) T_05 SAPMV12A Cond Tab: Display (shipment costs) T_09 SAPMV12A Condition table: Change Index TAANA SAPLARCH_ANA_ADTable Analysis TABR FTR_STAV_SET_STSettle TACD RFTBTRA2 Trader: Change Documents TAC1 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FTA_GSART TAC2 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FTA_KLAMM TAC3 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FTR_REFNR TAC4 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: FTA_MAID TB.5 SAPF109 FC valuation of hedged documents TBB1 RFTBBB00 Execute postings TBB2 RFTBBS00 Reverse postings TBB3 RFTBBS01 Flag Flows as Reversed TBB4 RFTBAB00 Accrual/deferral TBB5 RFTBAB01 Reverse accrual/deferral TBB6 RFTBBE00 Realized Gains/Losses TBB7 RFTBBE01 Run Key Date Valuation TBB8 RFTBBE02 Reverse Key Date Valuation TBCD RFTBCD00 Treasury: Change Docs Transactions TBCK RFTBBP00 Check account determination TBCS RFTX70SO Automatic fixing processing TBCX RFTBBC00 Maintain Acct Determination: Forex TBCY RFTBBC00 Maintain Acct Determination: MM TBCZ RFTBBC00 Maintain Acct Determination: DE TBC1 SAPMS38E Datafeed: Define variants TBDA RFTBDF14 Datafeed: Real-Time Initialization TBDB RFTBDF10 Datafeed: Read archives TBDC RFTBDF15 Datafeed: Real-Time monitor TBDJ RFTBDF04 Datafeed: Historical Market Data TBDK RFTBDF01 Datafeed: Code Conversion Program TBDM RFTBFF00 Market Data File Interface INPUT TBDN RFTBFF01 Market Data File Interface - OUTPUT TBDO RFTBFF03 Market Data File: Code Conversion TBD1 RFTBDF03 Datafeed: Table structure VTB_DFCU TBD2 RFTBDF05 Datafeed: Datafeed Customizing TBD3 RFTBDF00 Datafeed: Market data administratio TBD4 RFTBDF07 Datafeed: Updated market data TBD5 RFTBDF06 Datafeed: Import market data file TBD6 RFTBDF02 Datafeed: Log file administration TBD7 RFTBDF08 Datafeed: Check Customizing TBEX RFTBDF_OLE Spreadsheet for Market Data TBIR RFTBLMR2 Mass Release of Interim Limits TBI1 RFTBST01 Standg instrns Maintain pmnt detail TBI1D RFTBST01 Display SI Payment Details TBI2 RFTBST02 Standing instns Alloc. Disply det TBI5 RFTBST01 Maintain Correspondence SI TBI5D RFTBST01 Display SI Correspondence TBI6 RFTBST01 Authorization - maintain SI TBI6D RFTBST01 Authorization - display SI TBI7 RFTBST01 SI Maintain Derived Flows TBI7D RFTBST01 Display SI Derived Flows TBI8 RFTBSTR1 Standing Instructions: Evaluations TBLB RFTBLE02 Limit Utilization: Overview TBLC RFTBLPA2 Lock/Unlock Limits TBLC01 RFTBLC01 Check of Determination Procedure TBLD RFTBLPA2 Lock/Unlock Countries TBLE RFTBLENQ Limit Management: Lock Entries TBLM RFTBLE03 Flow List TBLR RFTBLMR1 Release Limits TBLT01 RFTBLT01 Limit: Generate Table for Lim. Cash Flows TKCS SAPMKCIS Start transaction sender programs TK11 SAPMV13A Create condition (shipment costs) TK12 SAPMV13A Change condition (shipment costs) TK13 SAPMV13A Display condition (shipment costs) TK14 SAPMV13A Create condition with ref.Bank Transfers) PA0014 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0014 (Recur. Companies and Institutions T5B1P - Personnel subareas T5B1R - Relationships Betw. Subareas and Institutions T5B1S - Companies T5B1ST - Texts for companies (obsolete - not used) T5B1T - Relationships Betw.Payments/Deds.) PA0015 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0015 (Additional Payments) PA0016 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0016 (Contract Elements) PA0019 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0019 (Monitoring of Dates) PA0021 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0021 (Family) PA0022 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0022 (Education) PA0023 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0023 (Other/Previous Employers) PA0024 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0024 (Qualifications) PA0025 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0025 (Appraisals) PA0027 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0027 (Cost Distribution) PA0028 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0028 (Int. Companies and Institutions T5B1U - Relationships Betw.There you can check for the appropiate user exit and insert the new enhanced code in function modules for your needs.Here you find the complete list of SAP Userexits in SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7: (You can find this list in your SAP system as follows: TA CMOD - -------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Exit name|Short text | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 0VRF0001 |Customer-spec.

Sometimes you are looking for transactions "around your currently known transactions". Info System: Default Settings RPXN REPPXXXN CO-OM Information System: Settings RPX0 REPPXXX0 CO-OM Information System: Settings RSA0 RSA1ADMI Content Settings Maintenance RSA10 SAPLRSC3 Realtime Test Interface Srce System RSA2 RSA1REP OLTP Metadata Repository RSA3 SAPLRSFH Extractor Checker RSA5 RSA1BCIN Install Business Content RSA6 RSA1DSMA Maintain Data Sources RSA7 RSA1QMNT BW Delta Queue Monitor RSA8 RSA1HIMA Data Source Repository RSA9 RSA1APAC Transfer Application Components RSFH FHVIEWER Test Transaction Data Extractors RSMD FHVIEWER Extractor Checker RSO2 RSIO0009 Oltp Metadata Repository RSO3 RSIO0007 Set Up Deltas for Master Data RSRR SAPLRSRR BW RRI on the Web RSTB RSTBNAME Choose Object Name RTBSTD RJBALMRTBSTD Position Management for Gen. Customizing RZ23 RSPFDBUI_INIT Performance database monitor RZ23N RSPFDB_ADMIN Central Performance History RZ25 RSALTLEX Start Tools for a TID RZ26 RSAL_START_TOOLStart Methods for an Alert RZ27 RSAL_EXECUTE_RZStart RZ20 for a Monitor RZ28 RSAL_START_AL_VStart Alert Viewer for Monitor RZ70 RSLDADM SLD Administration S-32 SAPMSTBM _ S-33 SAPMSTBM Display table S_IWB RSIWB310 Initial Screen Knowledge Warehouse SAAB SAPLSAAB Activ. RFC SARI SAPLAINA Archive Information System SARJ SAPLAS_ARC Archive Retrieval Configurator SARP SAPMSERP Reporting (Tree Structure): Execute SARPN SAPLBMEN Display Report Trees SART SAPMSERP Display Report Tree SARTN SAPLSRT_APPL Display Report Trees SA01 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ADRNR SA11 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ADRV SA12 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ADRVP SA38 SAPMS38M ABAP Reporting SA39 SAPMS38M SA38 for Parameter Transaction SBAC SAPLSF30 Edit Application Components SBCA SAPLBCOM_ADMIN Routing Server Administration SBDS1 BDSBARCO1 Displaying Open Bar Codes SBDS2 BDSBARCO2 Open Internal Bar Codes SBDS3 BDSBARCO3 Open External Bar Codes SBDS4 BDSBARCO4 Open Bar Codes with Keep Flag SBDS5 BDSBARCO5 Internal Bar Codes with Keep Flag SBDS6 BDSBARCO6 External Bar Codes with Keep Flag SBDS7 BDSBARCOM Compare Open Bar Codes SBEA MENUSBEA BEAC corporate flight system SBIT SAPLBTCH SBIW SBIWSHOW BIW in IMG for OLTP SBI1 RSAO0001 Maintain enhanced Info Source SBI2 RSAO0003 Maintain enhanced master data str. references TBR0 RFTBBB01 Posting journal TBR1 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Create netting TBR2 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Change netting TBR3 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Display netting TBR4 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Reverse netting TBR5 RFTBCM10 Treasury: Netting proposal list TBR6 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Create reference TBR7 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Change reference TBR8 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Display reference TBR9 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Reverse Reference TBT1 RFTBTRA1 Transaction Authorizat. Customiz TBZ1 RFTBCO00 Output Correspondence TBZ11 RFTBCO20_MONITOCorrespondence Monitor TBZ12 RFTBCO_CHECK02 Overview of Reset Counterconfirmatn TBZ13 RFTBCO32 Printer Override Function TBZ14 RFTBCO_IDOC02 Exception Processing IDoc (Inbound) TBZ15 RFTBCO_IDOC01 Status Monitor - IDoc Confirmations TBZ2 RFTBCI01 Incoming Confirmations Forex TBZ3 RFTBCI01 Money Market: Incoming Confirmation TBZ4 RFTBCI01 Incoming Confirmations Forex Option TBZ5 RFTBCO10 List of Days Overdue Counterconf.

route determination | | AAIC0001 |IM Summarization: Processing values after selection | | AAIC0002 |IM Summarization: Processing of assigned entities after sel.| | AAIC0003 |IM Summarization: Definition of User-Defined Characteristics| | AAIP0001 |IM Drilldown: Assignmt of Actual Values to Budget Catgories | | AAIP0002 |IM Drilldown: Definition of User-Defined Key Figures | | AAIP0003 |IM Drilldown: Definition of User-Defined Characteristics | | AAIR0001 |IM-IS: User value fields in

reporting | | AAIR0002 |IM-FA: User fields for app.

In the current Employee self service(ESS), when the personal information is updated by the employee, it directly updates the record in the database.

There are some organizations, where they want to validate the employee record before they actually get updated in SAP HR infotypes.