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For fiscal year 2003, the Committee recommends total budget authority of 2,167,787,000 for the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies.
Policy Objective The primary policy objective of the Bill is to better protect children from sex offenders by introducing new criminal offences and associate orders.


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Blinq is a Swiss dating app a bit like Tinder, and they’re currently damaging everyone’s self-esteem with a new Artificial Intelligence robot that guesses your age and attractiveness. Now, it's easy enough for me to get ranked and started in the world of online dating, but there are people out there who have a tough time when it comes to finding love.Some call them abominations, but that’s because they’re meanies.

According to this article men spend 50% less time reading online profiles than women. So what if women had an online dating chat bot, programmed to reply to and filter all the initial messages? If you’re reading this and lacking ideas for a new start up, feel free to steal this one.

So to spread some human kindness, I uploaded photographs of ten of gaming’s most disgusting creatures to prove to them that beauty comes in all forms.

Her skin may be literally peeling away from her irradiated muscles, but this ghoul from Fallout 3 still has some wonderful features.

E’ in grado di analizzare fino a 50 categorie di criteri ed analizzare i profili di Facebook delle persone per aiutarle a massimizzare il successo del loro profilo con quelli che poi potrebbero rivelarsi potenziali pretendenti.

Prima lanciato in Francia, adesso sta consolidando il suo uso in Gran Bretagna dopodiché verrà diffuso in tutta Europa.