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An evening of Slow Dating in Bath was better than I imagined it would be.
Jane has a job at Oliver's science fiction book shop now - and since Oliver has that one moment of Naked Jane burnt on the inside of his eyelids, he now loses the place in one in every three sentences.

Dating for philosophical people

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(This first sentence says nothing eye-catching about the woman and is very bland, and boring). (still, nothing thought provoking or attractive) I am very spontaneous and I love the outdoors, watching movies, dancing, and traveling. (Finally something somewhat interesting that she says about herself).

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Indian Muslims follow Islam and its singular god, Allah, and they refer to the Qur'an as their sacred text.

Natural language throws up some interesting computational challenges.

We've explored many of these in the preceding chapters, including tokenization, tagging, classification, information extraction, and building syntactic and semantic representations.

They also indicated whether they considered themselves cat people, dog people, both or neither.

It turns out that the "dog people" -- based on how people identified themselves, not on what animals they actually own -- tend to be more social and outgoing, whereas "cat people" tend to be more neurotic but "open," which means creative, philosophical, or nontraditional in this context.