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He claims it wasn’t a big deal because graduate only got a rolled coupon bond with a ribbon on stage; the real diploma was distributed three months after graduation day.

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It’s one thing to know the theory of driving a car, it’s another to actually drive it and another still to know when and how hard to push the accelerators and release the handbrakes at the exact moments of purpose. It is fabulous to have the biggest dreams ever but always, always remember your roots. It’s like playing the stock market with paper shares and you have money on paper. Companies have come crashing down from all sorts of reasons but a solid one built with a great foundation would stand strong and be resilient a lot more than one built on words and market sentiments. If there really was, show it to me and show me the success with sustainability.

Dream Big Many people don’t have dreams that are big enough and because of that, they are not pushed sufficiently to get themselves there. Stop prying into people’s lives to check if they have money or not to be your potential customer. And then keep repeating that entire process over and over and over until they get THAT perfect pie.

With the discussion about Amanda Todd and one error she made as a child which resulted in her eventually being part of the reason she committed suicide, we need to openly discuss what is really happening on the net but in particular to chat sites which state they are for teens and kids.

I hope this helps you to better understand what is going on. A few days ago I received a cry for help from a 15 year old girl who was worried her friend was now being stalked online.

I am, to be blunt and concise, in love only with myself, my puny being with its small inadequate breasts and meager, thin talents.

One of the hallmark symptoms of a narcissist is her inability to perceive others as people with needs of their own.

Characteristic signs of a narcissistic mother would also include excessive preoccupation with herself and with her self-image.

She is unable to give her children even the most basic emotional support that they need to grow up to be well-adjusted adults.

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I am capable of affection for those who reflect my own world.“ ~Sylvia Plath Does your mother fail to show any genuine love for you…or empathy?The Formula for Success It’s so simple yet not everyone gets it because there is always one part of the equation that gets left out either intentionally or mistakenly. Women feel they deserve the life that has been handed out to them and will allow their limiting beliefs to block their growth. They are hoping that someone else would just bake it for them so they could eat it. Any fast success would come crashing down just as fast.I am grateful for having successful mentors around me since I was as young as a wee girl and have learnt plenty throughout the years following, observing, testing, and actual doing. If you don’t get your hands dirty then how will you ever learn? On the flip side, some have such big dreams until they get ruthless when they start getting impatient and their results don’t satisfy their cravings. There is no sustainability when there is no real business. They want short cuts and think there are quick ways to make money.He expressed keen interest in the welfare of the people of the United States and of all the Americas, and of England, too, and questioned me concerning the distant activities, particularly those in California, of his chief disciple, Paramhansa Yogananda, whom he dearly loved, and whom he had sent, in 1920, as his emissary to the West.Sri Yukteswar was of gentle mien and voice, of pleasing presence, and worthy of the veneration which his followers spontaneously accorded to him. Work Hard Many people want a piece of the pie but are not willing to go out to buy the ingredients, find the recipe, follow the instructions and bake it.