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If we now analyze the other side of the trade, what is moving the Rockefellers to divest their fossil fuels energy investments?

These are some of the possibilities: are right on this one and investors should sell their fossil fuels investments.

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Charlie Rose: We are in San Diego, California this afternoon for a conversation with Warren Buffett. Are you sitting on a lot of cash so that this is the time for Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffet to look carefully at a lot of opportunities. The reason we haven't used our cash two years ago, we just didn't find things that were that attractive. They've seen eight percent of the bank deposits in the United States get moved very skillfully, I might say, within the last couple of weeks from institutions that they thought were fine a few months ago to other institutions. Charlie Rose: Is it being felt as people often point out on Main Street?

He is a man congressional leaders, the administration, and the Federal Reserve want to talk and talk to. But when people talk about cash being king, it's not king if it just sits there and never does anything. Warren Buffett: Well, I've read about all the sales today. If you're a furniture retailer like we are, you're feeling it. I know some of these businesses because we're in them.

It was provided to CNBC by the Charlie Rose program. Charlie Rose: I know, but cash is said to be king now. They're worried about money market funds, although the latest proposition from government should take care of that.

Adam Warren is a managing director for the Disputes and Investigations practice.

His practice is focused on financial services industry issues with an emphasis on financial, commodity and complex derivative instruments; trading systems and processes; financial markets and exchanges; technology and operations; and market, credit and operational risk management of financial, derivative and commodity products.

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