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It was for that reason that the query cache was one of the early things to be removed from Drizzle, it just didn’t scale on multi core systems that we were targeting. While working on My SQL 5.6 on POWER8, I enabled the query cache and ran a benchmark.Enabling the query cache reduced performance by an order of magnitude. Deprecate it now, print a giant warning if it’s enabled and at some point just remove it.I suspect the performance impact is even higher on My SQL 5.7. A single global mutex just doesn’t scale to 4 cores, let alone 24 cores at 8 threads per core.My SQL's query cache is an impressive piece of engineering if sometimes misunderstood.

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I see two problems with this approach: memcached provides an increment mechanism, which can be used by My SQL to create distinct PRIMARY KEYs, like sequences in other databases.

So the main things to keep in mind when tuning the query cache are (a) the total size of the query cache (b) the average size of query result sets, and (c) the size of queries above which you don't want to keep cached.

Each of these three things can be measured, and once set - assuming your application footprint doesn't change dramatically - should remain fairly static. The query_cache_type variable should be set to ON, and the query_cache_size should be non-zero.

My SQL Caching To make queries faster to respond is to use caching, a cache stores frequently used data in a place that is local where is can be accessed faster.

Cached data can be stored either on a computers local hard disk or in the computers internal memory.