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Some of the archaeal organisms as well as some of the bacterial models suitable for studying molecular aspects pertinent to human mutant chaperones are discussed here, focusing on CCT.

Results obtained with the archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus model to investigate the impact of a pathogenic CCT5 mutation on molecular properties and chaperoning functions are reviewed. Human CCT4 and CCT5 chaperonin subunits expressed in Escherichia coli form biologically active homo-oligomers.

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When she graduated, Franklin was awarded a research scholarship to do graduate work. Franklin worked fairly independently, a situation that suited her.Such research should lead to the clarification of the molecular mechanisms underlying the pathologic lesions observed in the tissues and organs of patients with chaperonopathies. Information on these key issues is necessary to make progress in diagnosis and treatment. These findings will aid understanding of the mechanism underlying energy conversion during bacterial movement.The three-dimensional structure of a complex of Mot A and the flagellar motor structure in a bacterial cell.Rosalind Elsie Franklin was born in London, England.